Patliputra EducaTIonAL and Welfare Foundation

Creating a Knowledge Society













Patliputra Educational and Welfare Educational Foundation is a non profitable organization engaged in bringing holistic change to education system and broaden the reach to larger mankind.

The society brainstorms the lacuna to the current education system, particular higher education to professional courses. Various independent and government working committees has time and again highlighted the limitations to current state to higher education and proposed scope to improvements, National Knowledge Commission , Yashpal Committee to name few.

1. Relevance of Higher Education to Employability.
2. Outreach of Higher Education to Larger Society Base.
3. Affordability to Education Within Reach.

Patliputra Educational and Welfare Foundation is a forum to vision and aspiration towards a flattened society, with equal opportunity beyond India to Bharat.

01/12/2009: PEWF Society Registered.

26/12/2009: Board Resolution to Set Industry Integrated Institution in Bihar - 2011 Operational.

01/02/2010: Project Presentation to State Investment Promotion Board, Bihar.

15/02/2010: Identification of Islampur as Campus Location : 50 KM From Patna and on Tourist Circuit of Bihar.

18/04/2010: Start of Land Registration at Campus Location (20 Acres).

03/05/2010: 12 Acres Land purchased under Patliputra Educational and Welfare Foundation.

09/05/2010: Project Docket send to State Investment Promotion Board, Bihar.

24/05/2010: Project approved by State Investment Promotion Board, Bihar.